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Nursing Home takes inhalher advice please

My Grandma has changed nursing homes today (old one closed down due to bankruptcy) New home is 25 miles away old one 10.. My Mum tells me they are trying to take her inhalers off her as they say it's their policy. So if she has an asthma attack she won't have her inhaler to hand. Whilst she can use her call bell - we know how long that can take. She's bed bound. Just the worry of not having her inhalers could cause a panic attack. I'm a nurse I know they can't do this. There are medicine management policies but you don't have to be a nurse to know that you don't take someone's inhaler off them but I can't find the policy I'm looking for. (I'm currently not well myself)

Any advice would be welcome.

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I would contact the CQC and complain, as I would consider that a safeguarding issue potentially (I am also a nurse). Your grandma is an adult, and they cannot insist upon her handing over her property, including medication, if she has the capacity to use it appropriately (i.e. she doesn't have advanced dementia). I would be wreaking havoc! Good luck.


Thanks Nursefurby My Grandma has absolutely no sign of dementia. This issue is not going to help her settle into the new home because she will now not trust them. Apparently they are going to 'let her keep them for now' interesting if it's written in their policy that she can't have them that they will let her keep them for now!


thats terrible, and yes of course it is going to totally undermine any trust :(


that really is horrible :(

When I was in hospital a few times this year they always made me keep my blue inhaler on my bedside, not locked away in meds locker- you'd think the same would apply in a care home.


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