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Any advice please?

Hi, my daughter is 10yes old has been an eczema and asthma sufferer since birth. She is taking methotrexate for her skin and lots of meds for her asthma.

She has been admitted 3 times via 999 in the last 7weeks. She has had an X-ray, ct scan and this showed nothing that you wouldn't expect to see in an asthmatic.

She has brittle asthma.

The new idea we are currently facing is to do a bronchoscopy. Has anyone had this?? Also, a long term of steroids is in the pipeline which they want to start this week when we have decided if we want to go ahead.

My daughter has blood tests every 2wks to check her liver and kidney function because of the meds she currently takes and I'm not sure if she will be able to cope with steroids on top of all this.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

She is completely 100% fed up of all this and is starting to lie to me about how she is feeling because she doesn't want to go to hospital.

I'm starting to doubt myself when I think she is not alright.

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Sorry to hear about your daughters situation.

Can't really offer any advice, other than stay strong and don't doubt yourself! You know your daughter better than anyone.




Hi Calkym

Firstly, don't doubt yourself. When yiou think your daughter is not well it's pobably because she isn't well.

I can really understand why she doesn't want to keep going to hospital so I would say that the best thing you can do for her at the moment is to give her confidence that the treatment she is having will help her gain more control of her asthma in the long term and in the meantime try to find things that will reduce the discomfort she is feeling now. This could be anythng from a constant supply of hot drinks to breathing exercises (you can get some good apps for your phone or tablet), relaxation cds and the like - whatever makes her feel more comfortable, really.

i use an air purifier when I'm feeling a bit iffy and find that it makes me feel better. Or if you have a salt cave anywhere near you it might be worth a try - I found it a huge help last time my lungs really kicked off - but it is expensive and It might not have much effect immediately.

I'm sure other people will have their own sure fire comforters - my mother used to swear by Fisherman's Friend sweets but I can't stand them and they never did me any good - so if you and your daughter are prepared to give anything a try you will eventually find something that helps.

One last thing. You have to realise that there is vrey little that is more stressful than seeing your child suffering so you need to think about your own welfare and maybe join in with whatever your daughter is doing to feel better. The fact that you want to sit with her and, for example,. do some breathing exercises, might encourage her to take them seriously and get more benefit from them.

Good lubk to both of you.


Hi !

Sorry for late reply, dont know if this is any use now. I am only 19 but I have very bad asthma and eczema too. i take a lot of stuff too including prednisolone in the long run. It helps me a LOT for asthma but at the moment I got what is called a steroid induced diabetes. So I get insulin resistant when I take steroids but i sorted it out with a change in diet. But it has also caused me recently bone problems and I gained a bit of weight not much maybe 5kg. At the end of the day it is your decision about the prednisolone but it did help me. Also when the docs change the dose of steroids I go crazy I feel so depressed or like suicidal for a day but all of these are just side effects. I have bad asthma since a child but at that time I was depending on nebs now I had some time quiet and flared up again so my life is stopped because of it. Hope your daughter gets better xxx


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