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Ongoing symtoms

Just wondering if anyone as any advice.

After a whole month off pred, my asthma started to play up a few weeks ago which had an obvious allergy trigger. This was treated with pred and felt much better. Then about a week ago asthma suddenly gets worse and has stayed that way. I've had a few attacks needing 8-10 puffs of Salbutamol but nothing scary. However, I constantly feel tight chested and I have a sense that I can't cough because it hurts too much (cough is my main symptom so this is slightly annoying). My pf is slightly low but not in my yellow need pred zone (I have an adapted action plan from the hospital) which added to the fact that I don't wheeze means the doctors I have seen just say keep an eye on it. The problem is that I am uncomfortable and can't sleep so am going to find it really hard to wait until my clinic appointment next week. I have ongoing symptoms a lot of the time but for some reason this is really getting to me.

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Hi KaylaCP,

Always go by how you feel and best to get checked out if not feeling well.Keep us posted x


Thank you Glynis,

I always go by how I feel as SATs etc are never realisable for me - they stay high and then suddenly drop. I'm getting by on a lot of Salbutamol and the docs I have seen are fine with that. The problem I have is that I don't wheeze, have high SATs and are am often not that bad because my meds have helped which means I end up being dismissed as anxious. Still struggling today but don't want to see another dismissive doctor (as it would be at OOH) so I suppose it will be an easy day with a lot of reliever, trying to make up sleep from last night.


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