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Permanently low peak flow, nothing helps!

I'm 62, and have had asthma since a baby. It thankfully does not affect my daily life, (unless I go up a hill and then I get a bit breathless) but my peak flow NEVER goes above 240, and hasn't for years. I've had a lot of hospital tests, and been put on various inhalers, but nothing makes any difference - even 8 puffs of Ventolin. I take Symbicort, and always carry my Ventolin, but why can these drugs not improve my peak flow? Should I be worried? Is there anything else I can do? I would be very grateful for any advice.

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Tbh if it isn't affect ting how you feel then I really wouldn't be too worries! Skme people have a naturally low peak flow, some people have a naturally high peak flow, what matters more is the variability in peak flow! If your best is 240 and the. All of a sudden you're blowing 120 then that probably means something. Whereas I wouldn't have thought the actual value in itself means an awful lot (there are exceptions, if you have copd and things then I honk the actual number matters more, but even then I believe it's more as part of looking at the trend over time). There is also the chance that your peak flow technique isn't great, my mate has really low peak flows, but her peak flow technique is no good, if she was doing I more efficiently then she'd probably get a really good number. Some people just can't blow them the 'right' way so will get lower. Numbers (another reason variability matters is that your technique is probably the same every time, so change in numbers usually is something other than technique)! I'd imagine that if your asthma is not affecting your life then I wouldn't be worried about your peak flow, but if you are concerned go and speak to your GP or asthma nurse about it :-)


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