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Air Purifier, any use?


My daughter (8) has recently been diagnosed with Asthma. She has a steroid inhaler in the morning and evening and a standard inhaler to use through the day when necessary. It only seems that my daughter coughs during the night, mainly just after going to sleep.

We live in an older house and I am wondering if purchasing an air purifier with HEPA filter etc would be of any benefit?

Does anyone else have experience of air purifiers and wether they help with asthma?



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It depends on whether your daughter has airborne triggers and allergies. If she doesn't then it won't make a jot of difference (I discussed this question with my specialist respiratory consultant). I have a bad pollen allergy which affects my asthma, but he felt that it would not be beneficial because unless you are in a sealed room (where the filter is) you are still being exposed to the allergens in the rest of the house/building. I did actually get one, and it made no difference at all. Wish I had listened and not wasted my money...



Thank you for the reply, I'm not 100% certain what the triggers are as its just been recently diagnosed. I'll check with the Dr. at our next visit before wasting the money as you mention!




Lee, i run a bed sanitising company based in the North West, it sounds as though your daughter could well have a dust mite allergy, coughing only at night just after getting into bed is a classic symptom of the allergy caused by the dust mites droppings. We are a bit too far away to be able to help you ourselves, but please check out our website wpbsanitisers.co.uk for lots of information that will be of interest to you. I believe there is a south based company called silent mites who offer a service almost identical to ours. This is a very effective low cost treatment which doesn't involve any drugs or chemicals and is 100% safe to both humans and pets,

It will be well worth you checking it out at the very least!

good luck


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Hi there,

Just to know are u still sourcing for a good PM 2.5 air purifier?

My friend is dealing/specializes in air purifiers and enhancement system and I am a testimonial of improved asthmatic condition so I thought you might be keen to know. :)




You should consider to buy the best air purfier for smoke,allergies,dust and asthma.


Hi. I have recently bought an air purifyer (30+yrs asthmatic now 65) with the recent heat it has been a God send. My exacerbation stared 3 weeks ago and only started to improve following buying it a week ago. I do have the dyson and love the app that tells me air quality inside and out. I would say one clean air room is better than none. Alongside the purifyer you need to look at basics in the home. Don't dust, wash your hard furniture and nick nicks with a damp cloth. Dusting just moves it around and makes matters worse. As do fans if the room isn't dust free. Look at all triggers for asthma for your daughter not forgetting diet. Many foods can make symptoms worse in some people. In particular eggs,milk,nuts. Hope this helps and good luck



It depends on which type of air purifier you intend in getting. based on what I have learned from other forums and research I will strongly recommend you get one with fan. Because those without fans kind of might not be that very much effective really.

I recommend you check Jens Review I believe they have a section for air purifier

Good luck to you.


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