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attack after steroid inhaler use

Hello all I am new to this forum. Whenever I use a steroid inhaler such as seretide or any other for that matter I immediately get an attack and my asthma gets worse. Then I have to use salbutamol to relieve the symptoms.Salbutamol works. Steroid inhaler helps prevent the attacks for the rest of the day.Therefore i cant give up on them . Anyone else getting an immediate attack after teroid inhaler use? thanx

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I didn't get attacks as such but dry powder inhalers i.e. Seretide accuhalers and Symbicort Turbohalers used to make me cough/wheeze immediately after taking them and I would end up needing to take salbutamol... apparently my lungs don't agree with dry powder inhalers. I would suggest definitely seeing your doctor about the issues you are having!


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