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30 years of Asthma rising

Coincidence or?

Asthma on the rise, more women sufferers than men, stats on children are rising, unsure of ratio gender.

More yellow on the horizon, follow the yellow fields forget the yellow brick road! OSR being added to everyday food products usually in brackets next to vegetable oil, coincidence in rising numbers of allergy sufferers?

Mustard Gas was made from RapeSeed, only more concentrated for the purpose.

What statistics exist for those working with OSR and their health?

What statistics exist for those living in areas where OSR is being grown?

What statistics does the Veterinary world have with animals suffering?

RapeSeed is a pesticide, wonder why the birds, bees, butterflies and insects are disappearing?

Thyroid related illnesses on the up, includes all related cancers, known reactions caused by MG & OSR include all these mentioned and more.

Takes some a very short time to realise allergy and cause, may take others anything up to 10 years to get symptoms.


Truth or just myth?

Conspiracy or coverup?

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