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Is it time

I've been struggling all day with my lungs - chest tight, wheezing, coughing, very short of breath also finding it very difficult to talk in full sentences which has resulted in me using 14 puffs reliever and 5 nebs. Nebs only helping for 1 to 2 hours then I'm struggling again this is not helped by the chest infection I have.

Peak flow this morning 200

Peak flow this evening 130.

Do you think its time to get help or would I be wasting everyone's time?

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Hello Asthmagirl,

I differently think it is time to get help as you are needing a lot of reliever and the nebs are only lasting a short time. Not being abled to speak in full sentences also shows you do not have good control of your asthma at the moment. Dropping peak flows are telling you you do not have your asthma under control so please get help.



I would have thought if you've been entrusted with a home nebuliser, you should follow your asthma plan to the letter when it comes to when you need a&e..

It would help a lot of people to have a nebuliser at home, but unfortunately some people leave it too long to get help, hence why gps are reluctant to give the prescriptions for the medication. Use your nebuliser wisely, and seek help when your plan tells you that you need it.

You only get one go at life .... Take care of it!


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