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Can't get my asthma controlled

I have had asthma since I was 10 and has been fully under control until christmas this year I'm now 42. Since christmas I have been on steroids 5 times and been on them permanently for last month, but it isn't making any difference I am continually out of breath doing the simplest thing, taking a shower takes my half hour to recover, even folding laundry makes me breathless. My peak flow is down at 200 and I'm getting really worried but can't get straight answer from doctors about why this is happening and what happens next.

If it's going to keep getting worse I know there is nothing I can do to stop it but this will seriously restrict my life I need to know what my future is.

Has anyone any ideas? Or had the same happen to them

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Sorry to hear you are having a rubbish time with your asthma especially since being well controlled for so many years.

I can't offer a great deal of advice I'm afraid, just wondered though, what dose of oral steroids have you been given, it's just I know my gps always try to give me 30mg for some unknown reason yet the guidelines say minimum 40mg, if I have the 30mg I don't get much if any relief from them and my recovery takes much longer. Maybe you need a higher dose? Have you used oral steroids before and seen a benefit from them? If you haven't, maybe they won't work for you, I believe some people's asthma isn't improved with steroids. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong)

What is your usual peak flow? 200 would be very low for me but my best is 570!

What other asthma meds are you on? There may be other medications your Gp could try. Failing that maybe you could ask for a hospital referral?

I hope things pick up for you soon, I've spent all of April on pred and are still suffering so I can sympathise! Keep at the gps though, its your health and you deserve the support and answers you need!


Hi hub, I was so pleased to read your post as it is sort of similar to myself at present.

I am unable to keep my asthma controlled.

I was on montelukast myself but it made no difference so I have now started Phyllocontin continuous 225mg (Aminophylline Modified Release)

I was also on Sumbicort 200/6 which made no difference so I am now on Fostaie 100/6 to try out.

I am also on Fenofaxadine and Duloxetine 30mg in the mornings.

So all! This in place and I am still continuing to have several asthma attacks a day!

I have a consultant and I asked her why me?

She said sometimes it happens this way unfortunately!!!

So not much help!!!!

I wish there was an answer......but I haven't I'm afraid - I so wish I did.

As I am new here I am going to do a greeting post and explain about me in more detail.

Take care

Xx p



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