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Seriuosly Annoying Throat Clearing!!

Ok, so quite a few years ago I was diagnosed with Asthma, apparently I have post nasal drip as well which may be the cause of the need for clearing my throat constantly! It's really getting to me now, I do it constantly throughout the day and I'm an very conscious of it and my colleague at work has even commented on it before, I’ve tried drinking more water but it didn’t help much, all that happened is I spent half my working day going to the loo!

I know clearing my throat constantly isn’t good for my throat either, I plan on going back to my GP to discuss, anyone else have this and found a way to combat it or at least ease it a little?

I read that maybe montelukast might help relieve it but I have been on that before and didn’t get on too well with it, I was having night hallucinations which the doctor thought might be linked to it so she recommended I came off them! I am willing to give them a go again but was wondering if anyone knew of any alternatives or other options?

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This is one of my symptoms. It is a sign for me that my chest will get tight and / or I will start coughing. My blue inhaler gets rid of it. X Sue


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