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Just been told son can go on cyclosporin and new on here


I have a son who is nearly 11 years old and has been an asthma and eczema sufferer since he was 10 months old,we have been down the long and tiring road asthma and eczema brings and has been a struggle, connor has suffered a lot with both conditions and thrown in over the years has been we found out he's got a zinc defiencey andlots and lots allergys.

He has been in hdu lots and lots of times to many to think off and for a while now his asthma even though all the medications he's on isn't stable anymore,even laughing and playing he's having an asthma attack(not much of a life for him),recently at my local hospital the consultant said there is no more they can do for him as all the meds he is on is at an adult level so transferred us to Bristol's royal childrens hospital,they suggested a drug for connor but Connors ide levels had to be at a certain level but his levels are to high so another drug has been brought to my attention cyclosporine and I guess the reasons I joined this site was to see if anyone elses child is on the same drug and to find out more info,i could read the leaflet over and over again but doesn't really tell you about it from a parent's view,so if tyou read this and are in the same boat as me,please feel free to message me,i'm just another mummy that is wondering when my child will be stable enough to lead the normal life as such. x

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Hi, sorry to hear your son(and you) is having a bad time of it. Sorry I can offer an advice re drug as not had that one but i have recently joined a facebook group thats so supportive for parents who have brittle asthmatic children. It may help you to look them up.



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