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Flutiform - adding another steroid inhaler

I've been taking Flutiform 125/5 for about a month and I am really loving it. I switched from Symbicort to flutiform because Symbicort caused paradoxical bronchospasm, because it was a dry powder inhaler but one thing that I am struggling with, if when my asthma flares, I can't increase Flutiform like I could with Symbicort. I am at the point now that I would have increased Symbicort so I'm just coping with ventolin, and I am getting by.

I'm going to bring this up with my asthma nurse when I see her again but do you think that I should ask if they can add another steroid inhaler to my prescription to use in addition to Flutiform when my asthma flares?

I'm not that new to asthma and I have tried a few meds including Clenil, Serevent, Seretide, Symbicort and now Flutiform and I'm really not willing to swap from Flutiform to another inhaler, especially because this is the most controlled my asthma has been for a while... And although my asthma is flaring, my life has improved quite a lot. I'm not constantly scared of having an asthma attack.



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