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Bronchial Asthma

I am English, seventy years of age and have lived with my family in Argentina/Uruguay for the last twenty years. I am presently domiciled in Buenos Aires where I have worked as a translator.

During the severe winter month of July 2013 I began to experience painful breathlessness in the chest when making any exertion outdoors (e.g. walking uphill, walking fast) and over the previous year I had not been able to shake off a cold resulting in a morning cough.

This has now been diagnosed to my surprise as bronchial asthma and I have been prescribed the small inhaler for a single inhalation before breakfast each morning. I have been using this for a week but the only improvement I have noticed so far is that I do not cough very much in the morning. I still have the chest pain when out walking. (This goes away as soon as I return indoors).

This last six months the summer weather in Buenos Aires has been very humid with excessive rainfall and cloudiness. Two weeks ago there occurred a very hot couple of days with full sun and no cloud and my asthmatic condition disappeared completely. I was able to walk fast for hours with no discomfort and I have no doubt that the ""asthma"" is in some way linked to the prevailing climate.

I see winter approaching with some foreboding and I have discussed with my family that I should relocate personally to a northern sub-tropical (preferably desert-like) province of Argentina at least for the winter and early spring as soon as my condition puts me under pressure.

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