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Lack of interest in Asthma by my local NHS

I was diagnosed a year and a half ago with Asthma. It took the NHS 40 years to diagnose me, and did so after an x-ray, peak flow and lung capacity test. All the 'expert' doctor at Epsom hospital in Surrey had to say was 'It's nothing serious, just Asthma, it won't kill you. go to your doctor and he can prescribe something.""

I have had no luck with anything the local 'experts' have prescribed and I am not convinced their diagnosis is correct. I have no family history of Asthma, but I did smoke in my youth and have often used chemicals at work. Is there a definitive test for Asthma / MCS / COPD etc?

After much pressure from me, my GP reluctantly sent me for a repeat heart ultrascan which gave a quantifiable result, as the Respiratory team had lost the original results. the second scan showed a dilated aorta.

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Sorry to hear it's taken so long to get diagnose. What did your Gp do about this? You can get informed and then ask what steps will be taken. It's your health and you can't ignore it. Then take it from their. I have found different professionals act different so don't despair.


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