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What is this?

I always get Asthma after a chest infection and it plays havoc with my running. Its been over a month now and I suspect it still hasn't quite left me. Can anybody relate to this and give me some feedback?

It feels like the top of my chest is producing clear and foamy white mucus. It feels dry at times and a bit tight. My peak flow is very good ranging from 600 to 650 and using a blue inhaler seems to ease the symptoms.

Is this just a minor irritation I should ignore or should I get it checked out? Does it sound like Asthma to you?

I intend to run a Half Marathon in Sunday. I have missed the last two (flood, chest infection) and im kean to do this one. I have managed to carry on training and its been more of an irritation the last couple of weeks than anything major although I have cut training as a result.

I plan on taking an inhaler with me to the race, should I be concerned?

Im wondering now if it could be post nasal drip or something else?

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White/clear phlegm sounds like asthma to me, you're doing the right thing by using the inhaler especially if it relieves the tightness.


Thank you very much for your reply.

Its rocked my confidence a bit but im pretty sure that if I use my inhaler before the race the adrenaline will get me through it. I have ran a couple of long runs without too much trouble but a race will be a lot more intense. A couple of years ago I foolishly ran a race with a full on chest infection and somehow finished 3rd out of 60! Its amazing how the coughing reflex shuts down and you can forget about the problem altogether.

I haven got much of a cough really but I can feel it in the top of my chest all of the time. It doesn't feel like it is affecting much of my lungs so im hoping the inhaler will nullify it enough so I can get on with it. My lung capacity is strangely the best its been in ages. Its just very off putting.

Incidentally im now using fish oil and organic juices and ginger to combat it.


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