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Becoming Obsessed with my Asthma

I suffer from hypochondria, if you are not aware of what this is, It's a type of OCD/Anxiety that makes you worry about the slightest of things. For example, I could simply have a bug and I'll think I am dying, or even have cancer. Logic doesn't come into play with me most of the time, and even if I truly deep down inside myself sometimes feel that everything is okay, I make up reasons for myself to worry or feel stressed

Lately I have became obsessed with my asthma which has been with me all my life ( 23 years of age now).. I had asthma attacks when I was an infant but today I do not suffer from them. I take my asthma pump around 3-4 times a day, and on a bad day 6-7.. My worrying and bad breathing habits make it worse, and sometimes I can feel like I have the symptoms of asthma when it's not really there ( or sometimes it is, I don't know the difference ).

I have went to the asthma clinic and the nurse was impressed with my peak flow since it had went up since last time by a considerable amount.. But it doesn't explain why I am still having my asthma pump so many times in a day, I am constantly checking my breath to make sure it's not tight and by doing so I am causing anxiety and asthma symptoms to flare! It's like a vicious circle.. Even typing this is making me feel abit better though, asif I am letting it all out..

If I was to tell you now what exactly I am worried about, I wouldn't know what to say.. But the feeling of knowing my life is controlled by a little blue pump is getting me down recently and stopping me from doing things.. I am quite unfit and get little to no exercise ( I am trying to change this ).. I am quite thin and suffer from allergies to milk and egg ( I don't have these in my diet plan btw ).. I don't really know what I am looking for in terms of answers and responses, maybe just comments to make me feel I am not alone? or maybe a story about how someone made their asthma better?

Also I should say that recently I have not been drinking as much fluids as I usually would, sometimes barely a day and I seem to have mucus in my throat that I am constantly trying to hack up ( not sure if this can be affecting it too ) so I am trying to drink as much water as possible starting from now..

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Hi Cairn

You don't mention whether you've discussed this with your GP or if you've been offered treatment for your condition. If you haven't, I would strongly suggest that you try to get referred to someone who can help you deal with this. You might also look for self help groups in your area - you might find something for people with anxiety or depression that you could join and get some support,

In the meantime, why not look through old threads here - if there isn't anything specific about hypochondria I'm sure that you'll find something about anxiety as many of us get a degree of it at some time - I know I have.

Good luck


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