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out of hours

A rant I'm afraid!

My chest had taken its usual noise dive after being no trouble for months. I've been coughing up gunk, a horrible taste when I cough, pf is at best about 70%, I feel like I'm only using half my lungs like I'm drowning (Ok I know a bit dramatic but that's what it feels like!) And I'm feeling really tight. I've gone back up to 2 puffs twice a day of seretide and am on Singulair but with no relief.

Anyway after a particularly tight chest this afternoon I went to walk in centre to be met with the usual ' chest is clear', if no better by Monday visit your Gp. My pf was 360 which is 64% for me but he said it's not that bad!

At times I can hear my chest wheezing and gurgling so I know it's not clear and 64% is not good for me. I've used my inhaler 10times since I got back 3 hours ago.

Why do I always get the useless ones?

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Go back to GP ASAP

You know your symptoms better than anyone else. Please go back and get some support. Ive cause an awful lot of debate on this forum as I have done nothing but slag off ""medical professionals"" I have had to battle to get GPs to LISTEN !!!!!!!

Dont suffer in silence because the ""expert"" (pah!) has sent you away .... Go back and get support Good luck I really feel for you


Agh butterfly, sorry you're having issues again :-( I'd hoped it'd settled down for you!!! I think the issue you find (as a few other members of the forum) is that you aren't particularly a wheezer and definitely dont wheeze at the right time!! Sounds like you need a course of pred just to settle it down before it takes hold - are you ok til mon? Do you have a stash at home you could start? The other option is possibly write out a ""summary"" of how you present: symptoms, meds and what's usual for you and head back to ooh tomorrow or A&E this eve if you're struggling still?

Your pf shouldn't be that low and you shouldn't have had to use so much of your blue inhaler. Both of those things for you really probably need something further doing about them rather than feeling fobbed off. That's the issue though I guess when it comes to having to see doctors who don't know you personally and only see you after hours!!

If it's any help, this happens to me too. Last night in resus my pf was <50% the doctor who was on said magnesium wasn't indicated nor was an ABG as O2 sats seemed ok. Because it's me ITU and anaesthetics were involved as always, who weren't happy as they have seen me become very unwell very quickly, decided on magnesium as I'm known to respond well if given ""early"", thankfully managed to avoid aminophylline, but the blood gas they did and everything else put me in the ""life threatening asthma"" range. Thankfully was treated though and I'm okay now :-)

Take care xxx


Thank you both for your replies.

Unfortunately this is all to common for me, to be told I'm fine and sent away with nothing and things get worse and my recovery takes much longer. So I know exactly how you feel Reen.unfortunately I'm quite a shy person and hate having to go back and 'demand' the help I need, I need to borrow you!!

laurs, yes it seems that I'm in a never ending cycle of been fine for months, then noise diving again with no happy medium! I'm either absolutely fine or absolutely not! The summary sheet sounds a really good idea as when I'm ill I'm not in a position to discuss the ins and outs of what's normal for me especially as you say I rarely wheeze and definately NOT when someone is listening! I haven't got any pred at home so will have to see how I get on and hope I can see the Gp on Monday. Last night was awful, up every hour, but then nights are always worse so hopefully today will be better.I'm glad you got the help you needed the other night and remain well!


Got an appointment this afternoon with the Gp, . I know I should have gone back to out of hours yesterday but I couldn't face being told it's in my head again ;-(


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