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Getting a consultant referral


I'm looking for some advice about how to get referred to a respiratory consultant.

I'm in my late 30's and was diagnosed with asthma aged 19. Initially it was well controlled with inhalers and with only a few triggers such as cold air, cigarette smoke, and viral infections.

Since 2007 it's become a lot more difficult in terms of triggers. The weather, laughter!, perfumes and aftershaves trigger me now. I've also had quite a few exacerbations and courses of steroids. My flare ups are becoming more difficult in terms of needing more than one course of steroids. Unfortunately I don't always wheeze when I'm very tight and my PF is down lots. There have been a few occasions when I feel the severity of the problem has not been recognised; leading to delays in treatments.

I'm currently on Seretide 125 2 puffs BD plus Montelukast 10mg at night. I've just finished my second course of steroids and antibiotics this year having last been ill over Christmas. I had similar problems in October/November 2012 when I needed a couple of ED visits, 2 courses of steroids, 2 lots of antibiotics and a brief course of Theophylline.

I think the delays in treating properly actually mean the asthma is being uncontrolled for longer and I'd like a proper consultant review with a view to looking to see if there are any allergies that are contributing to things as well as actually formulating a proper plan for treating myself at home or in ED if I need to go.

I would also like to be considered for a home nebuliser for use at home during exacerbations although I know this is not generally too popular.

Any ideas, suggestions. I can imagine my GP would feel that by asking for a referral was meaning that I'm not keen on how they manage things!

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