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A bit confused about what to do

Hi :)

A month ago I had a bad exacerbation and ended up having a couple of attacks in a short space of time. I was told to increase my inhalers and after 2 weeks everything started to improve. However, this improvement only lasted a week. I didn't get back to being as bad as I was before, but I certainly was worse than usual. I'm still at that point. I'm finding that I can't manage to walk up hills, go to the gym or walk up more than 3 floors of stairs (usually I can make it to my lectures on the 16th floor!)

I have decreased my inhalers again, because I'm not sure how long I was supposed to keep them 'upped' and the prescriptions haven't been changed so I'm ending up needing to renew it earlier than the online thing will allow. The receptionists won't accept it either, even when I try and explain. I don't have an action plan, the nurse just told me to increase the inhalers in the future if I have an issue, but not when, by how much etc.

I think my issue now is hayfever. I've been taking acrivastine, and although it's helping, it's only lasting 4/5 hours as opposed to 8 like it says on the box. It's also going to cost me £10 a week to buy, which is really more than I can afford. I can't find an own-brand version, so have to buy benadryl. I have tried citrizine and loratidine but they make me too tired to function,( literally all I do is sleep) and don't seem to help at all.

I'm really not sure what to do. It's frustrating for me not being able to go to the gym. I'm a 2nd year biomed student so nearly all of my time is in lectures, in labs or sat at my desk working. Going to the gym is a way for me to relax and move! I'm scared that I've stopped noticing that I'm getting out of breath, and now rely on other people commenting on it. I'm also fed up of not sleeping. I messed up my january exams through lack of sleep as I couldn't concentrate, and I need to do well in these to bring my average back up to a first.

Basically, I don't know if I should just guess at increasing my inhalers and go and beg for a new prescription/ miss a week when they run out or if I should go and see the nurse who will tell me I'm fine and do nothing.

Sorry about this moan, I just need someone to talk to!

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Hi, sorry u are having rough time.

I would make an appointment with gp to discuss things, he may increase inhalers/ issue more for repeat prescription. I would also tell him about hayfever issues and he may prescribe something more suitable for you. Receptionist can only do what's on screen when asking for repeat items and Dr can refuse to issue if u needing more often than stated. x


I agree with Lisa,you should go and see a gp rather than the nurse if that's what her response will be. They can't leave you without a repeat when you need it. They can also give you antihistamines and/or other meds for your hayfever. And, if you get a prescriptions prepayment certificate (if you don't have one already) you'll only be paying just over £10 a month (sorry, can't remember the exact price.


Thanks for the replies,

I've increased my inhalers (I just chose the first way I was told to do it- more morning/night rather than 3x day) and I'll see if that helps. I don't want to go and be told that's what I should have done anyway, then having to give it 10 days before I can go back. When I run out, I'll go and speak to them again, and if they refuse then I guess I'll just have to wait. It'd be a waste of appointment asking for an extra prescription when I'd be able to get it later.

I'm still not sure about going for antihistamines. On the one hand, it'd be good because I have a HC2 form, so they'd be free. On the other, they'd probably just tell me to keep trying OTC ones, since there's one common drug I haven't tried yet, plus they make so tired that if I don't have symptoms, I don't take them and it's easier to just not take them if there's only me that knows I have them!


If allergies are a feature of your asthma, you might want to discuss Montelukast with an asthma nurse/GP/consultant?



I have antihistamines on repeat prescription, don't pay for them if you don't have to. :-)


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