Son constantly clearing his thoat

Hiya all, My son is 7 and had the cough variant Asthma. He has been constantly clearing his throat now for 2 weeks solid. Is this another sign of the Asthma do you think or just plain and simple a cold like symptom?? I have been on the mums et page and someone there said it is an Asthma sign. Can anyone relate and will he need sterroids or shall I just go with the flow and hope it stops soon??

Thanks Vicky

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  • I'm relatively new to asthma and it all started off with coughing. The seretide got rid of most of that, but I also had constant throat clearing. I now take flixotide on top of the seretide which gets rid of it most of the time. Throat clearing is def one of my symptoms. X Sue

  • My son is always clearing his throat and I agree I think it is to do with the asthma. We don't get steroids normally unless he has an increase in symptoms such as intercostal recessions, tracheal tug, wheeze etc requiring very regular ventolin. Is he having much ventolin?

  • Thanks for replies. My son is on Clenil and ventolin twice a day and exta ventolin when needed. I have been giving his the extra ventolin to try and help this constant clearing but not helping one bit. Tried to leave a message for the Asthma nurse just to see what she thinks whether she needs to see him or let it continue for a while longer to be told by the receptionist the Asthma nurse not in as broken leg and not in for some time and if symptoms persist for a few more weeks to contact doctor then.......

  • Needing to clear my throat is one of my symptoms, I get it when my airways keep producing more mucous but can never cough it up. I would take him to the GP. I have just started with this because of the tree pollen. Can you up his clenil for a while? Using my ventolin does help so maybe keep giving that to him too when he gets the symptoms.

  • Yes I forgot to say that respigen helps too (equivalent to ventolin).


  • Just a thought do you think it could be hayfever causing post nasal drip? My son has nasal spray for the post nasal drip. X

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