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Totally at my wits end

I started with bronchitis at the end of January and I'm struggling with it as you can probably imagine it is really affecting my asthma. I'm now on my fifth lot of antibiotics they're helping a bit along with the increased dose of prednisolone not to mention the rest of my medication. Although I have had a home visit from one of the doctor's at my GP surgery who was very helpful and also arranged for my prescription orders to be delivered to me at home.

I'm totally at my wits end now of coughing, wheezing breathlessness etc I just want to get better and that's not happening quickly enough for me.

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Have you had a chest X-ray? Have they sent off a sputum sample for a culture and sensitivity to check you are on the correct antibiotic? If you're on your fifth lot of ABX then they need to be doing something different, have they given you the same ABX every time, or changed them? How long is the course? I have a two week course, any less doesn't work. You poor devil, you must feel lousy after all this time. Have they considered IV antibiotics?


Asthmagirl I really feel for you. I'm not having a good time at the moment but my problems aren't anywhere near as bad as yours and I've only been rough since the beginning of February. I can't offer much in the way of constructive advice about your medication but I thought yo might like a go at the drink I make to try to reduce the effect of constantly coughing.

1 teaspoon of honey

I good slug of BottleGreen Lemon Grass and Ginger cordial

I measure of scotch or brandy (optional - I only add this when I want to sleep)

Boiling water

Additional lemon juice to taste

All you need to do is dissolve the honey in hot water, add the cordial, lemon juice and whisky (if you're using it) and then top up with more hot water. Drink as hot as you can and the non-alcoholic version as often as you want.

I usually take a co-codomol with this to take the edge off the sore ribs and throat, but if you prefer soluable aspirin you could add that to the drink (or lemsip if you've got a cold).

I do hope that things start to pick up for you soon. xx


Thanks for your replies and advice.

Hi Nursefurby,

To answer your questions. Yes I have had different types of antibiotics I started off on Clarithromycin then the doctor prescribed two lots of Doxycycline then I was put back on Clarithromycin. I have also had a chest x ray done as well.


just wondering why if an antibiotic hasn't worked the first time, why they would give you it again.. unless they only gave you a short course. Whenever I have a productive infection, the hospital send of a sample for culture and sensitivity to ensure the correct antibiotic is used - your GP can do this too. Good that they did a CXR to rule out a lower resp infection though. x


Hi Nursefurby,

The first lot of antibiotics was a short course. Yes a sample was sent to hospital.

The doctor did say IV antibiotics would probably be the next stage of treatment but is waiting to see how I am over the next few days.


Hi asthma girl, sounds like IV ABX would be the best course of action for you, its a long while to feel so poorly! Hope things get sorted for you soon x


Hello i hope you soon get better my asthma as being doing ok.

Until 2 weeks ago if i hobble in our bungalow say from toilet to living room opposite you would have thought i had done 50 miles,

been to drs bloods taken & put me on AMOXICILLIAN 250mgs & PREDNISOLONE 5mgs.

It just happened out the blue i am not as bad as you but i hope you are soon sorted out thinking of you christine


Today I've started my 6th course of antibiotics that my GP prescribed for me

At this rate I'll be getting into the Guiness Book of Records for the most antibiotics taken to fight a chest infection!!


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