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So I'm looking to try anything right now to sort my asthma out. I've been on a new plan for a month with no improvement, I've just had my last xolair injections as I made no improvements, and I'm being reviewed Monday by my consultant and asthma team. So what this is about is trying out a few different things that have been suggested. I tried swimming....was going ok, but then I don't know if hey had just dumped a load of chlorine in the pool one day but I had a reaction to the water, and I'm probably chlorine sensitive, so I'll back off with how often I go but I'm not giving up on that!

I've also been told to get a dehumidifier for my bedroom, I'm just wondering if anyone has got one and if they helped at all? I don't even know what type to look for! Don't want to waste a lot of money but if it might work I'm willing to try it out!

I've also heard of cisca salt pipes...from what people say that seems to be a good way to go too. I'll be running this one by my asthma team before I try this one though, just wondering if anyone had any experiences with any of it?

I'm also going to ask for home nebs, I've been getting sick way too often lately, I've lost complete control of my asthma and my peak flows are 35-50% at best lately....any ideas that worked for anyone that could be worth a try? I'm open to any suggestions and thought I best ask before I'm about to be reviewed so I can ask them about it all, see what my team says?

Thanks in advance! :) Jo

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Hi Jo

I don't have a dehumidifier but I do use an air purifier, which really does soome to help. I also have a salt pipe which didn't do much for me at all BUT over the last few weeks I've been to a salt cave several times and that has helped me - I'm a cougher and I go in there feeling that somebody has sandpapered my lungs for me and I come out feeling much more comfortable. The other real benefit is that it loosens all the mucus that I've been trying to get rid of so the coughing is easier and almost pain free. It isn't cheap but I will absolutely go again next time I'm coughing badly.

I hope you feel better soon.


Dear Jo,

The only reason to use a dehumidifier would be to kill house dust mites (if you're allergic to their faeces) or reduce growth of mould. It is vital however that you're not in the room at the same time as the low humidity would worsen your asthma. Best used in a small bedroom with the door/ windows shut when you go away for the weekend, with your bed sheets pulled back to allow your mattress to dry out.

Regarding your reaction to chlorine - please support a campaign I've started asking for a public debate on the impact of chlorine, the need for more research, and increased use of safer alternatives:

Below are two relevant studies :

Stephen Katona

GP and former Immunology Registrar


I use a dehumidifier in my bedroom when its cold or damp or both. They are great. But I don't sleep with it on. I just use it to ensure there's no dampness. Makes the room warmer too. X Sue


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