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Great Consultant visit!

Hi everyone, hope you are all as well as can be expected.

I have had a great appointment with the chest consultant today so i thought id share my news as it has made me feel so relieved that i have a plan of action.

I took with me a printed sheet of dates when ive needed the extra meds id had since i had seen him in december, including details of the nasty bugs in 2 sputum test results which he said was helpful.

He was unhappy that i was still uncontrolled and that i had 4 courses of antibiotics this year and thinks that its not just asthma, he thinks i may have either Bronchiectasis or sinusitis/bad post nasal drip causing the lung infections.

He is going to send me for a CT scan of my sinuses and i have to see him with the results in 6 weeks time then he'll take it from there. I did have a chest CT last August and there was no evidence of Bronchiectasis then but he pointed out that with all the infections ive had since then it may not be the case now.

He also gave me some mucus thinning tablets to try and ease things a bit but there was a 2 hour wait at pharmacy so i will have to call back tomorrow to collect them as i was fed up waiting after half hour plus my car park time was nearly up.

I am not pleased that i have other problems but i am pleased to have answers and the possibility that things might improve.

Lisa x

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