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Bone protection

I have had a really rotten winter asthma wise with each cold or infection needing several weeks of pred to sort it out. This meant I spent most of Dec and Jan on pred (either 40mg or a quick reducing dose) with only a few days totally pred free between courses. I am currently 16 days into another course (between 20 and 40mg). The doc I saw in A&E today asked me about bone protection which I haven't really considered. I did take something in my teens when on maintenance pred but it never really crossed my mind with repeated rescue courses. I am likely to continue needing these as Summer is my worst time asthma wise and I often need 4/5 courses to get through the hayfever season (despite exploring different avenues, no one has been able to offer a solution to my severe hayfever). Does anyone take/considered bone protection with short courses? Is it something I should ask my doctor about or take an OTC supplement?

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I use to take alendric acid to protect my bones but that's another tablet that has gone, as I was on seretide 50/500 2 puffs twice a day and at one point 3 puffs twice a day. Also short courses of pred and all. But my meds changed has reduced the Seretide but take Spiriva as well which I don't think is a steroid. If taken pred or inhaled steroids high dosage, my old consultant use to say you need bone protection. Due a bone scan soon. I would speak to GP about this as I have flagged it up my self.


I hadn't even considered oral steroids - I take Seretide 250 (4 puffs a day) and a top up of Fluticasone 50 (where I can vary the dose from 0 - 4 puffs a day). I also take Spiriva which is not a steroid but works as a preventer (I believe it relaxes the smooth muscle so works in a slightly different way to steroids). My GP thought he was being quite revolutionary in trying it but several people here take it)!

I will speak to my GP when I see them next week to review pred.


Similar meds to you I note. Early days I am now on Sertide 50/500 1 puff twice a day but struggling at times. He had also mentioned flixotide to maybe use, as well but that was last year before stepping down to all these new doses and he was writing to GP. Found over the years my allergies have changed and either get really bad asthma or hayfever or eczema or sinus issues.

Hope you are feeling better.


Kayla I have significant osteoporosis due to a combination of inhaled steroids and repeated courses of prednisone. It has worsened despite treatment. I take a calcium/vit D supplement twice daily plus bisphosphonates - the usual is alendronic acid, but I have a yearly IV infusion of zoledronate.


Hi KaylaCP

Diffenitly talk to ur asthma nurse or consultant.i have had 10 course of pred from osteopenia was caught on by my new asthma nurse who is brill.she reviewed my medical notes from birth and realised I hav had huge amounts of steroids oral/inhaled and that I had 7 fractures to date.she cud not beleave my asthma cons had not even caught on to this and I have been under his care for 12 years..anyways she ordered a dexa scan and it came back the bones were brittle (osteopenia) iam now taking risdorantic acid and adcal twice daily.

So to answear ur question yes go on to bone protection and ask ur doc for a dexa.


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