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Lung functio test

I am concerned about my treatment at the moment. I have a new consultant and in all honesty I am not confident or happy with them. I have been a chest clinic patient for at least 20 years and my asthma has meant that I have been on steroids quite a lot throughout that time and I use to be an maintaince dose

years ago. Any way I so this new consultant for the first time as my old one left and was asked why I was there and told me I was on too much medication so that didn't boad well with me and since then he has messed around with my meds which I am not happy with as it has meant I have had numerous rescue doses over the past 6 months.

I was retired on ill health a long time ago and it took me years before I returned to the work place part time. But I now have a mortgage and kids so I am worried with all these changes to my meds and time off work. I do not want to go through that again. I am not asked basic questions like are you waking up at night, what symptons do you have, have often are you using your neb/blue inhaler in fact on the 3 occasions I have been every time has been you shouldn't be on this or that etc. My file is thick so why they don't know my history is beyond a joke, allergies are there, variarabilty is there.

Now had a letter for a lung function test. I remember having one years ago, but what is the purpose of this as they know I have asthma and I am brittle at times which led to being in and out of hospital for years.

Recently had to go A&E after an attack then pain in chest so had to be checked for a heart attack or blood clot. Not happy.Don't know why I need further tests when they know what it is and last time they caused me to flare up.

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I understand why you are concerned with your new cons changing meds etc. I have also found doctors not always agreeing with the meds I take - notably during an admission (primarily for an allergic reaction but then with asthma symptoms after) one cons told me I should not be one that many inhalers. I think sometimes it is good to try something else (I'm currently waiting to try a new inhaler but my nurse won't let me until my asthma is more stable) but you should be able to go back of it makes things worse. Is your cons aware of the decline in symptoms?

With regards to lung function tests, I wouldn't be too concerned with these. Like you I have had an asthma diagnosis for over 20 years but regularly have lung function tests as part of monitoring my asthma. These usually show nothing exciting. At times they have backed up changes in my symptoms but the last set I had (just before christmas) threw up some surprising results which needed investigating. Sometimes the tests cause my asthma to flare (peak flows can also make me cough) but I have always found the person carrying out the tests to be very sympathetic to this and recognising when I am struggling and evening stopping the test.

Having said all this, a good relationship between you and your cons is vital so if there is a breakdown in trust, would it be reasonable to consider a change?


Consultant doesn't even know my history. Hadn't read my notes, as the first time I met him asked me why I was there I said asthma check. I listed meds he stated that some are old e.g. as on uniphyllin and said I take sertide way too much wanted and then wanted to put me onto a different tablet, I stated I was allergic to one and its in my notes didn't listen. Didn't ask much about symptons on first visit and hasn't on other visits also stated my spirometry was ok.Spoke to my gp about it as to what medicinces I react to and could they inform him. I can go down hill rapidly which is why I have a neb and have had pf ranging from 90-620. But I felt that because I have avoided being admitted or going to a & e for 10 years that it was like a yeah right attitude. It's not just that it is the knock on effects this has on my family and my kids seeing me having a rough day and seeing the fear in there eyes when I have to use neb and then being unable to do stuff .

With the messing about with my meds I am cross as I think I had/have got it under control. I hate hospitals so avoid going, I don't see gp much unless I really need too. I don't know about a different consultant I might ask the gp to care for me and not go anymore its not like I don't know what to do!


Hi Spookylou,

Jumping between threads a bit here but your meds do seem quite similar to mine and your history has a few similarities too. Apart from I have slow burn rather than sudden attacks.

I take Seretide 250, Spiriva, Montelaukast, Uniphylline with Bricanyl as needed. I was given Flixotide because I asked the cons if there was anything I could do at the first sign of cough rather than wait until needing pred as I can't up the Seretide anymore (I also have a heart condition). In reality I am taking it most of the time but I like being able to do something myself. Asthma is still not great though. Is the Flixotide something you could ask for so you can use it in this way?

I know what you mean about allergies too. It seems I am allergic to everything and also take Antihistamines and Dymista nasal spray. I went to a friends house with a cat and came away with rhinitis, asthma symptoms and eczema! A helpline called allergyuk recently recommended I tried a nasal wash for sinus problems and although it feels awful, it helps to keep them clear.

Just a word of warning with GP, I was discharged from respiratory when I moved (at the time was well controlled on Step 4 and using Symbicort SMART) but when things got worse, getting back into the system took ages. It is something you could discuss with them though.


Montelaukast was something I was on in the past, I think this is the tablet he was thinking of putting me back on.

In all honesty I don't know what step I am on anymore and I don't fully feel in control anymore of management, which I do not like. Do I double up or go on rescue dose, that's probably why he talked about flixotide as well on 2nd visit.

I also take Bambac at night which he is trying to wean me off, but I am not in agreement with him as I wake up quite a lot and this is when I go down hill quickly.

My spiro tests usually show a normal or a massive range,(think I was 67% whatever that means on 2nd visit) he asked me 2nd visit why it was so bad- duoh your messing around with my meds, what do expect!

Bit concerned as I have had a few sudden attacks at work which isn't good. Can deal with the sneezing, coughing, waking up, breathlessness at times, but when having an attack at work - no.I will speak to GP and then decide what to do.


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