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Is it just me or has pollen kicked off massively over the last two weeks I have asthma and eczema. Threw out the year I have my ups a downs with asthma and eczema. Normally my eczema gets bad then my asthma kicks off massively. This year it has but so early I have gone to see my gp and he said lots of people finding it hard. My peak flow is up and down goes from normal to 50% below my normal. My GP has put me on prednisolone 50mg for the next two weeks and has said double my preventer (Symbicort 100/6) to 4 puff am and pm and my reliever (salamol) up to 5 times an hour. If I get wheezy ect or my peak flow drops below 50% he said 999 it as he said this is the worst year for pollen. He also sent me for an allergy test. Every interesting I have loads of allergy’s.

So far no need to call the men in green! Is it just me or have over people found it bad this year


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My pharmacist commented that there could be an early pollen seasons when I went to pick up my antihistamines last month. Interesting though as my asthma has kicked off again the last week with post nasal drip etc. thought it was a cold but haven't had any other symptoms so maybe it is the start of something. Will ask my GP when I see him tomorrow. Every time I have an allergy test they seem to uncover something new! Hope the pred etc sort you out.


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