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Diluting orange juice setting off asthma!

I am beginning to wonder if there is something in diluting orange juice that is setting off my asthma or contributing to my worsening control. When I was a child drinking it warm would set off a wheeze and tight back but I've noticed recently that if I'm thirsty and down a large glass of it (with cold water) I get the same tight feeling and sob. Over the last 3 months my asthma has been out of control for me, generally feel sob in evenings and meds have been escalated and changed around a lot to try control things. Evening is the only time when I tend to have a glass or two as I only drink water or tea/coffee during the day. Wondering if there's a link. ?

Just wondered if anyone experienced anything similar.

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Hi MAmma Mia ,

Orange sets my lungs off with E numbers etc and cold water and drinking a large drink quickly.

J2O drinks are a big trigger for me and citrus fruit. I seem ok with vimto etc and black current drinks and like them with hot water as helps my coughing glynis


Thanks for the reply Glynis and good to know re E no.s etc! I have cut it out completely in last 5 days and sob hugely better, lungs seem a lot happier. There's def something in it! Going to continue to just drink water in evenings and see how it goes. X


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