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Always flippin tired?!!

My asthma is both very brittle and very badly controlled at the moment and keeping me up lots at night and having frequent, severe attacks. But seem to be even more tired than normal at the minute!!

11 days ago I had an attack which put me in ITU for the first time. Was in hospital for 5 days and discharged home from HDU.

I don't know if it is possibly a result of this attack or what, but seems to be taking a lot of getting over. Also feel a teary and emotional wreck as a result. As well as absolutely shattered!!

Any thoughts or tips guys?! X

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Well I get tearful and emotional if I haven't had enough sleep, without any asthma issues to deal with as well. It also seems to work the other way round, and if I'm feeling emotional I get very tired. So I don't think it's at all surprising that you feel like this. After my worst attack it took me over a week to even have enough energy to walk up and down stairs etc. and it wasn't bad enough to be admitted. I think you need to try to slow down and just give your body time to recover, lots af sofa surfing and short walks if you feel up to it.

Have you spoken to a counsellor in relation to your asthma at all? That may help you to deal with your emotions.


Thanks hun, doing lots of sofa surfing and hugging dogs :-) it's a little annoying because even if I feel ok lungs won't let me do anything (even walk across to the shop!) or vice versa!!

I'm seeing a councillor monthly at the min, but they are able to fit me in at the end of the week (2 weeks earlier than planned!) for an extra. I don't usually struggle as much psychologically after an admission (though must admit it's been taking it's toll with the recurrent ones), but really wound up after this one - the medics were awesome though :-) but hopefully it'll help!!

Also stupidly anxious about seeing my consultant next week as we seem to be having a clash of personalities! I disagree with him and am making it all into a huge deal!! Really not helping myself OR my lungs ... at all!!


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