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Blue Badge and Asthma


*waves*. I am an old regular on the forum and I haven't been about for a while. My old account kicked me out so I have had to set up a new one. Sorry mods!

I was just wondering if anyone had encountered the same situation as me.

I just got a letter saying I had been successful in my application for a blue badge but also got a second letter from the DVLA saying they had received notification from a third party regarding my fitness to drive and a questionnaire asking for access to my medical records?

I'm not sure if the two are linked or not. Has anyone else had this? I can't think why else the DVLA would write to me?

Thanks in advance.


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hi firstly i would be asking who the third party is. Also have you spoken to your consultant or GP as they are they only ones apart from yourself who would have any dealings with DVLA. Have you been involved in an car accident recently where the police were involved, my aunt had this she had an accident and the police and the GP told her she was unfit to drive through being unwell and revoked her licence

don';t want to scare you and those were only ideas but true ones! like you say could just be linked for you applying for blue badge, have you any other medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes etc

good luck


No accidents etc, and no indication from either GP or Consultant that they would consider me unfit to drive. There is a legal obligation on the Healthcare Professional to tell the patient they are not to drive before reporting to DVLA.

No other medical conditiions either.

I can only assume it is the blue badge but I am just wondering if anyone else has encountered this when applying.


I don't think it's the blue badge - for starters there is a data protection issue there, the council can't just share your details with the DVLA, and are not in a position to make that judgement simply from a BB application form. I have a blue badge and when I applied this didn't happen to me.

I would contact DVLA directly and find out where they got their info from x


Worked out what happened. Administrative error on the part of my GP's secretary who instead of leaving the letter supporting my BB application for me to collect accidentally sent it straight to the DVLA....


Good grief, that is a very serious breach of data protection, and since it carries the potential for something like a 30K fine, you GP practice will be very likely to brush it under the carpet. I would seriously suggest you context the ICO (data protection organisation) to discuss and report it - especially as it has now got potential consequences for you. There phone number is in the link below. As a nurse, I am absolutely astounded and horrified at such a blatant lack of care of what is medical information.



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