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my lung age

Hi there just looking for a bit of info

I done a spiromitary test through work aside need medical because I work with asbestos and have done for 2-3 years now

My lung age came up as 64 and I'm 33 now I have been diagnosed at the time . Started the job as having asthma

I was advised to see my nurse to get another test but she didn't understand what this would achieve but she done another with my inhalers taken at start my lung age came back as 58

I asked her if that was normal for someone who had asthma but she wasn't sure and told me to get another appointment with doctor but to come on here for some advice in the meantime

All I want to know is if my lung age is normal ish for my age considering I have asthma as its worrying me

Forgot to say . Don't smoke or drink Burma not too active either apart from my job

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