Asthma is making me feel rough

Hello everyone,

I know many of you will be feeling the same way as I do at the moment with my asthma.

I am currently suffering with a chest infection and my asthma is really playing up. My peak flow drop last Wednesday to 350 and I had started to coughing up greeny yellowy phlegm so I started 30mg pred and booked a emergency doctors appointment for that afternoon. The doctor examined me said that I did have a serve chest infection and made a prescription for clarcycin antibiotics which are for people suffering from server infections.

Still feeling really poorly and peak flow is still hovering around the 350 mark so hardly any improvement. I was sent home last Thursday from work as I was really poorly with my chest.

I work in a school with children with special needs so you have to be 100 to carry out your role as teaching assistant. I really don't like taking time of work!

I have made a doctors appointment for first thing tomorrow morning as my asthma is playing up day and night and I struggling sleeping. I cough non stop and am unable to catch my breath so need my blue inhaler a lot at the moment. My chest has also been very tight. I am also taking seretide 250, monkalukast and phyollocontin everyday but am still feeling really weak.

I had the same problem with my asthma and chest infections last year and I was nearly admitted to hospital for treatment. I am really hoping The doctor does not send me to tomorrow as I really don't like hospital. I was also signed of last year for 3 weeks and I am hoping this does not happen as I have not been in this job long only scene September! It is a job I love doing!

Next week I am due to have some lung function test at the hospital but I may not be able to have them now as I have the chest infection. The consultant want the test results before my next appointment on the 8th April.

I don't know what to do I am worried about the appointment tomorrow and the fact I am feeling no better than last Wednesday.


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  • Hi Rachel sorry to hear you're having such a bad time. Its hard not to stress when you don't feel you are getting any better and when you're conscientious about your work but if you are still really struggling then you'll just have to accept that you need more time off work. I've been in exactly the same situation several times, not so much with the asthma but with another chronic condition I have and you just end up setting yourself back if you return to work when you are not ready. It sounds like you know this but are worried to tell the gp you are not ready for work,. Your gp will be fine. especially as he knows you've been very unwell and will recognise how long it can take to recover from it all. You'll feel better once you know you can recover properly without the pressure I f returning to work too early. Good luck!

  • Good morning to all,

    I went to see my doctor on Tuesday morning about feeling so rough with my asthma and chest infection.

    So asked me all the usual questions about asthma and chest infection and then did all the usual examinations. Pulse ox 97, listened to my chest which she said sounded clear and took my peak flow which was 360 which is still down on personal best of 450.

    She then made a prescription out for a different antibiotic called co-amoxiclav and also told me to continue pred with a tapering dose. The doctor has also signed me off for 1 week as this has exhausted my asthma and said I really need to try and rest. If I feel no better by next week then to go back and see her.

    The doctor has also started to use the terms brittle asthma as it has been quite hard to manage for along time.

    I have rung and spoken to the hospital about the lung function test which are taking place next Friday. The hospital have said they can still go ahead and they will make a note of the chest infection. I am due to see the consultant at being of April about my asthma and the results are needed for this appointment.

    I am still feeling very tired and still quite poorly just what it to go away.


  • Hello,

    I have now finished my fourth course of antibiotics and another course of pred. I think my chest infection has finally gone after 6 weeks.

    I am still coughing a lot but no longer bringing up any green phelm. I still do not feel great asthma is still been a complete pain. Peak flow is now around 390 still not up to personal best of 450. I have also used pulse oximetry which is giving a reading of 95% 96% which is abit on the low side. I have been coughing a lot today and my chest is really painful. I am still feeling short of breath and my chest is tight. I may have to go and get checked out I am feeling very uncomfortable and also feel very exhausted.

    I have my asthma review at the doctors next week and also the consultant at the hospital for my asthma. So I hope one of these people can sort my asthma out for me.


  • Hello,

    I thought I would update you all on my asthma and chest infections.

    Last night I found myself at my local A and E as I suffering with my asthma could not stop coughing, felt wheezy, felt really short of breath and my chest was really tight so the doctor gave me a neb with salbutamol and a steroid to help with the attack. They then tried to take some bloods but found it very hard to find a vain in my hands and arms. It took two nurses and a doctor 8 try's to get a cannula in. I also had a high temp of 39.6 so was given paracetamol to decree my temp this was given by IV as well as other meds. The doctors were also concerned a my fast heartbeat so they took an ECG and did a chest X-ray.

    I was discharged 8 hours after going in with my antibiotics and 40mg of pred to be take daily. I have a to go and see the respiratory consult on Tuesday and the doctor for my asthma review this Friday for a review on my asthma medications.


  • Awww no, sorry to hear of your brush with Costa, glad you escaped though. It's good you have an appointment with the Gp and cons so you can look at controlling your asthma better.keep us posted on how you're appointments go xxx

  • Hello everyone,

    I went to see my asthma consultant at the hospital yesterday. He said that he could see my asthma was not under control at the moment. So he suggested that I had some IGE blood test to check for underlying allergys which I had done at the hospital. He also recommended the I tried an anti reflux regiume so recommended I got a prescription for some new meds to see if this would help with night asthma. He prescripted omeprazole 20mg capsules and some graviscon advance liquid. He said that reflux can be a cause of asthma attacks at night. He also gave me some nebules for my nebulizer for when I am really struggling at night. I have an appointment in 4 weeks time with him to review meds. Also on Friday I have my asthma review at my doctors surgery.

    I am thinking about getting a new hand held nebulizer what are the best buys?


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