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Is it normal to feel more tired than usual?

Hi all

For the past few weeks I've been having a few issues with my asthma. At the moment it's probably the worst it's ever been, I've had 2 doctors and a nurse so far say they are very concerned about me and have been band from going to the gym! I've noticed that I've been feeling very tired recently, to the point where I'm napping for a few hours a day despite sleeping for 8/9 hours a night. I don't think that my asthma is affecting my sleep. As I've not been like this before, I would just like to know if this is normal or not?

I don't know the cause of what's happening at the moment, so I'm kind of thinking that maybe I've caught a virus or something and I'm asymptomatic apart from the tiredness. That's the only alternative I can come up with if it isn't directly asthma related! Maybe also the lack of exercise, although I'm still pretty active so it shouldn't affect me this much.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I have an appt for next friday so I might bring it up then if it carries on but I'm just curious!


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I always feel tired when my asthma is bad but this is because I don't sleep well with it. Even when I think I have slept really well, my partner will often tell me that I have tiossed,turned and coughed all night. If you have a virus that could also make you tired. My asthma nurse has also said that just the physical effort of breathing with bad asthma can be tiring too. So all in all, I think it is probably quite common (it certainly is for me) but I would bring it up if it continues.


Thanks KaylaCP

Perhaps it is affecting my sleep then even though I don't realise it. I'm not sure I have a virus, I'm just assuming that I have since I've started coughing and my flatmates have had coughs and colds for the past week. I was rather suprised I hasn't caught it! Usually I'm the one spreading stuff round!


I get much more tired with worse asthma too - was so tired on no meds I could barely do anything! And have several times thought I had a virus when I was just very tired.

I also lose sleep through asthma without necessarily waking up properly. Can be quite annoying as some drs/nurses don't seem to count it unless you woke up and took inhaler -they kept asking me what time and I wouldn't know! I'm rarely with it enough even if I do wake up properly to actually take my inhaler - I kind of don't realise why I've woken up and if I do the idea of taking my inhaler is too much of a logical daytime solution lol.

I will say I don't always notice all this till I'm better -have really noticed the diff at higher pred doses with the increased energy and better sleep, even though I do get predsomnia at times.


I'm always tired when my asthma is being difficult - other people have nellie the elephant sitting on their chest but all I get us dozy the doormouse!


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