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Post severe asthma attack

My mother aged 79 has just recovered from her first asthma attack secondary to pneumonia which was severe + lifethreatening, needing IV aminophylline and ITU support for 12 hours,

Subsequent heart attack and respiratory failure needing ventilation, and in hospital for 2 weeks.

She has beenj discharged with no asthma management plan ( given booklets but not filled in, awaiting some serial peak flows as outpatient to be able to deo this I think..), on regular salbutamol 4 x daily..., a different dose of fostair inhaler to what was using in hospital with no explanation, and a followup outpatient appointment with respiratory consultant in 4 months...

Anyone else think this is not great management??

I would like the views of the asthma UK medical team on this please.


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HIi Pemberley,

I'm not a medic, just an asthmatic so this is in no way any sort of expert opinion but I'd agree that doesn't seem like very good management particularly for such a severe attack and her first one. I""d certainly want a bit more follow up and advice/information myself if I were ever unlucky enough to be in that situation, or indeed after any first attack.

However, really mainly wanted to say that this forum isn't really for feedback from official Asthma UK medics though they may see it but I don't think would be able to advise properly here. If you want advice on how to tackle the drs etc on your mother's asthma care/management, I'd ring the asthma nurse adviceline as they'd probably be able to help more - number top left. I've rung them quite a few times and found them very practical and helpful not just on medical issues but on how to navigate the system. Also, can your GP help at all?

Good luck and I hope your mother recovers soon and gets the care she needs.


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