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Pregnancy whilst having Brittle Asthma

Hi, Massive query to any of you asthmatic mums that have had children ( not sure if this is in the wrong section or not)

Basically, myself and my partner are looking at starting a family, but I have brittle asthma and some of my medication I take are steroids daily, antibiotics daily, and some other basic asthma medication, but we are wanting me to carry our first child because Ive just been told that me health is going to get worse, so before that happens I want to be able to create another life.

I was wondering if when you were to get pregnant, did you have to stop any of your medication or did you ever get warned that certain medications could harm your unborn child. if so, can you remember which medications they were?!

Also, did your asthma get better or worse whilst you were pregnant!?

and final question (sorry) if it got worse, was there any medications during an acute attack that you couldn't take?!

Sorry to bombared you all with this and im sorry again if its in the wrong section!!

Thank you for all you help and for taking the time out to read what ive posted!!

Hope you and all your little ones are doing well!!


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Hi Charlie,

Unfortunately I am unable to carry a pregnancy due to my crap lungs, but we did go down this path before the consultants involved gave this decision.

It was explained that some peoples asthma can improve during pregnancy, and for other people it worsens. Had I been able to carry a pregnancy, I would have been monitored by the high risk pregnancy service throughout, as well as closely by respiratory consultants in tertiary care. At the point that we were considering starting a family, I was referred to an obstetrician from the high risk pregnancy service, who liaised with respiratory specialists. Like I said for us it was an absolute no go, but I would suggest this as a good route to take in terms of getting appropriate advice regarding your specific needs and potential care. Your GP should be able to refer you appropriately.

Hope that helps a bit

Lynda :)


I was told at 19 that I would be unlikely to carry a baby to term due to my crazy immune system... I have allergy triggered brittle asthma and my immune system takes offence to pretty much anything including babies. I have had a fair few miscarriages but now have 3 very healthy little ladies, it has been suggested that those pregnancies that miscarried were boys although at the start of each successful pregnancy I was taking pred which also may have helped. I am lucky as during each of the three successful pregnancies my asthma and allergies reduced significantly (again was suggested because was carrying girls) and didn't return until I stopped breast feeding, although they have worsened slightly after each when I stopped feeding but this could be because my meds were reduced during pregnancy. That said I did suffer from severe Pre-eclampsia in my first pregnancy that has since been linked to my asthma/immune system as well as calcium deficiency related to dairy allergy and steroid use - this wasn't a link that was recognised when I was pg first time round otherwise I would have been monitored very closely for it.

It is worth having the conversation and the only one who can make the decision to persue a pregnancy is you and your partner but you need all the information to do it. A lot of meds are not recommended in pregnancy but that is genenrally because they are not tested - it was probably the hardest decision for me to make was which meds to continue with and which to ditch the drs gave me the information but I had to make the decision... Luckily like I said mine improved to the point where I was on very little medication - steroids don't really work for me as my asthma is very much allergy related so I'm on several anti-histamines and montelukast alongside the seretide. Your best bet is to discuss with those who are responsible for your care as everyone's lungs are different and gather all the advice and information you can... Dr Google is probably not the best source though!

Don't know if that helped or not sorry!! many hugs ladies xxx



My asthma was not nearly as severe as yours is. I have had 3 children. With my first (my son) my asthma got worse and I needed quite a bit of steroids throughout the pregnancy. As soon as he was born, it got better again. With my second two pregnancies (both my daughters) my asthma was fantastic and I had never felt so well with regards to my grumpy lungs. However as soon as I gave birth, I felt really wheezy and needed treatment courses of prednisalone!!

My asthma has got progressively worse since my last pregnancy 5 years ago.

I've heard alot that asthma either gets worse or better with pregnancy. That was deffo true for me.

Have a chat with your consultant and take his advice.

Good luck hun, I wish you both all the luck in the world and I hope your dreams come true xx


Hi I've died 6 times with my asthma and it has been so bad I am on steroids daily I had to up my sterodes because my chest just heart a bit more than normal but I was okay I did so well during labor I fort I'd get I'll with it and have to have a c section but I did it all by my self no pain relegth at all I told my midwife about my asthma and they gave me a specialist to help me threw it I had scans every month to check how the baby was growing and I did have to stop some tabblits like montilucast and unifiling if you need a bit more of a chat email me on beckynlee06@hot mail.co.UK xxxxx


I have had two children . I had pre eclampsia with both and both were born prem, first one 4-8 weeks early, second one 8-12 week early and both children were not planned used contraception with both. They were also bigger babies for their ages 6 lb 1oz and 5lb 5 oz as I had diabetes at the time with second child it was found and it was suspected with the first.

First child I was in and out of hospital with for the last 3 months had awful morning sickness.

Second child was a bit better and this was conceived shortly after having my first !

A massive shock to the system and then lots of advice from high risk unit and chest consultant.

With my second I went into hospital with asthma issues found out I was diabetic then 2 days later went into pre term labour then they tried to stop but was unsuccessful so I was induced due to my health. Both babies delivered by me no C section! Although it was on stand by due to chest.

From what I remember I was on high doses of medication which was reviewed and I so chest consultant regularly and high risk unit obstetrics. I also had some meds stopped due to risk to baby but I still took seretide 500/50 twice a day, Uniphyllin 400 twice a day, Bricanyl inhaler and respuls, long term prednisolone maintenance doses, flixonse from what I remember.

All I can say is each pregnancy is different but listen to all advice and you know your asthma better than anyone else.

Any questions please ask.


Hello Every one, Hope you all are doing well, i do like to introduce myself to every one, I am Laura K. and few months back my Gp told me about Asthma. I really want to know and share every one experience, . This will really help me to recover from Asthma and if not will help me lead a sound life with Asthma.


Laura K.


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