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Some asthma nurses are great

Hope u are all well

Some useful information given to me today

Asthma review went really well although still got loads of questions to ask but she explained everthing actually wrote down an asthma plan and sort of giving me an ear bending of i should be on steroids at the moment with iffy PF readings but i am really pleased best one ever had, she also explained when to go for help like for me its 50% of your PF reading so it would be 210ish when i would start to think about calling an ambulance also sats in relation to an asthma attack you can have high sats because you panic and can mimick asthma but if you didn't have asthma in the first place you would not panic if you see what i mean - in other words egg or chicken situation but high sats does not mean you don't have/not got asthma.

website of also has some good info

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