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Asthma and relationships

okay so this is complicated

I have / had started tentatively a new relationship, just before Christmas. I was upfront an honest about my condition and he said it was ok. Now last week he saw a really bad attack, which landed me in hospital, now a week later things have really changed... part of I know is me, my reaction to being ill but part of it is from him he said it was scary etc...and wants time. I am devastated. Although it was just at the moment a really strong friendship with potential. I now feel really let down Why does this always happen???

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I always tell the people I'm with what they can do to help if I have an attack. I let them know where my inhalers are, how much I can take of each & how often and I also tell them at what point an ambulance may be necessary. This way they will feel a bit more in control, know what to expect and will hopefully not be so scared when it happens.

Maybe that is something you can try?


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