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Asthma and the Menopause plus theophyllines

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I am brittle asthmatic, 43 (shhh) and we think I am starting on that slope down hill to the menopause.

Hormones can affect asthma etc and menopause can cause some cardiac issues etc

I currently take 200mg of Uniphylline (Theophylline) twice a day, among a load of other meds such as permanently on Pred (oral steroids)

I was on 300mg of Uniphylline but reduced it around October time because of mid afternoon peaks causing tachycardia.

Since reducing it, I had less tachy but 5am dips... plus late afternoon sometimes. Asked consultant but not much response regarding this issue. I know we need to keep meds at the lowest doses but not to the expense of my lungs.

The last few days, I am still getting dips but now getting tachy around 1 hour after taking my meds am and PM....

Just wondering if anyone else had similar issues with hormones, menopause and different absorption rates of meds.

Currently tachy today is going on a bit, don't worry, will seek help if it becomes a real problem!

Many thanks


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Hi Kate,

I am on uniphyllin and going through the menopause and haven't noticed these symptoms but, I just wanted to mention what I have found really helpful for menopause symptoms (mine are 'warm moments, not yet hot flushes and menopausal rages definitely not just mood swings).

I have a cup of soya milk a day, soya is meant to contain plant oestrogen. Wasn't too keen on the taste so first mixed it with a spoonful of ovaltine but have now found a new one - alpro mild and like the taste. If I miss days, my symptoms come back full swing!

Hi JF,

Thanks, I don't have hot flushes yet...

Just cycle up the creak - every 2-8 weeks - random!

I have been drinking / using soya milk for many years anyway.... may up the intake.

Can't have Ovaltine, when I last looked it had egg in.


Steroids (oral) stopped my periods altogether. However according to my bloods I'm not menopausal. Go figure. Not that I want to be, as Im only 40.. Haven't had a period in over a year now.

I'm def menopausal. No period for over 6 months now and really dreadful hot flushes - leaving me soaked through every night. I leant on a desk the other day and left a big wet handprint lol. Very embarrassing at chiropractor too when I had a flush and was soaked when I went in to see him. Shame... Am quite new to asthma and trying to sort out meds for that. Now I have to sort this too. Sigh... seeing a family planning doc on Fri about it. I eat lots of tofu due to hubby being Chinese. Doesn't seem to make much difference. X Sue. It seems that once I hit late 40s everything started to deteriorate lol.

Thanks Folks,

Saw GP today, she is testing my hormones!

And sorting other stuff too!


Tried Upping The Uniphylline on Tuesday to 300 in the evenings (I did ask consultant for 'advice'), by Thursday night I was having severe palpitations for an hour etc... not nice, though I did sleep better after they had worn off.

So, now back to 200bd and resp nurses have upped my pred to 30mg for a week... not amused, having a bit of a rubbish weekend... Just waiting for pred to kick in now... Weather probably not helping.... oh, and my carer was a bit useless this AM.... she didn't enquire if I was OK while having a neb.... I can say yes or no.... but she just wondered off....

Don't think hormones and high pred plus sleep deprivation helped much..

sorry rant over..


Hi Kate,

Hormones def a big trigger for me and my periods gone really heavy now and end up on steroids every 3 weeks.

My consultant just added flixotide and testing my blood if can increase Slophylin from 750 to 4 x250 a day .

Doctor trying me on a tablet I have to take for 4 days at the first sign of my period to see if helps my asthma and heavy periods. Im 48 glynis

Hello ! Hormones are normal... Phew, so no sign of menopause.. I think my cycle may just be up the creek due to steroids and then the combination of PMT ...

Pred is coming down slowly, though still getting PMT ish ... GP suggested Merina IUD thing or the contraceptive implant to help with the hormone issues...

Still getting UTIs and thrust pre menstrual... grrr... but she said it may improve if hormones are sorted... also an ultrasound of bladder & kidneys to see if anything else.

Me thinks GP is listening! Yay!


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