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My asthma - advice please

Hi everyone.

I have had asthma for 2 years and it usually flares up in the summer due to hay fever.

Two weeks ago I caught a cold which has now gone to my chest and caused me to have a chest infection.

Well, the coughing has been non stop - so much so I have almost been sick on a few occasions. Been waking in the night etc...

On Friday I saw the nurse practitioner who gave me amoxicillin for the infection (5days) and prednisolone steroids (5days), told me to use ventolin 4 times a day and to make sure I used my preventer - flixotide (always been bad at this)

I have done all of this.

This morning, I went back to see the nurse because I was still unwell, after listening to me coughing non stop and listening to my chest, she put me on a nebuliser for 5 or so minutes. This was about 11.30am

I have had to take ventolin since being home, 3 times, and I always use an aero chamber.

She also gave me some different antibiotics and more sterioids.

Since all this today, I have been feeling very tired and shaky, is this normal side effects of using a nebuliser, the tiredness I mean?

I have asked a GP and another asthma nurse a few times for a proper asthma action plan on paper, with the different zones for the peak flow etc... and this has not been given to me. I don't really seem to know about my asthma and how bad the condition can get for me as an individual.

I know realise that actually my asthma is not controlled and is effecting my lifestyle - I have had almost a week off work because of this.

I am now doing all I can, taking the flixotide twice everyday without fail.

Is there anything anyone can recommend to help, and is the tiredness after the nebuliser normal ? It's the first time I have ever had to use one so just getting things clear in my head.

Thanks guys.

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Hey :)

I'm new to this not sure what to do but I'll give it a go haha!

My mum suffers with brittle asthma, she's been asthmatic all her life but the last fourish years have been hell!

There isn't a month when she isn't suffering. She often gets lung infections as well and is a regular at our doctors surgery.

My mum has a nebulizer, and is constantly on and off steroids, she is currently on a type of mild& humanly safe horse tranquilizers..

I very often have to help look after my mum, hold her hair while she's being sick unable to breathe, sort her meds out and pat her back to try and make

Her cough, she is often light headed after a asthma attack and we worry when we are all out working in case if any accidents.

I know this sounds a bit of a sob story but me and my family would really like some advice on how to make our mum feel better!

Thanks, Lolly x



It might not be the ventolin neb it is proberbly the steroids as they knock me out on a good week, might be worth speaking to your GP again and find some steroids that suit you, i had to


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