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Commute to work burdened by asthma

Hi, Im new to the site and just wanted to see if anyone could help me out.

Ive recently started really struggling with my asthma when i cycle to work. I recently moved to London and the commute takes about 30minutes, through the centre, where the air quality from the car fumes really affects my asthma. I take my inhaler about 10minutes before i leave, but i often still feel the effects of my symptoms, and find it annoying, and sometimes a bit dangerous, to have to stop and take my inhaler to gain control.

Does anyone else find they suffer with bad air quality? and any advice how to work around it?

Thanks in advance.


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Wear a face mask? I can't even walk around a city, never mind cycle - the air quality wrecks my breathing. But I know lots of cyclists use face masks in that situation. Cant think of another way around it really.


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