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Weirdest reasons for ending up in A&E with asthma!!

Soo... philomela and I have been discussing our theoretical ""top 10 weird causes of ending up in A&E due to asthma"".

My favourite one was her dancing to ABBA Plainchant ...

Anyone got any weird and wonderful causes? Can be real or made up.

Just imagine the Doctors faces if you had to go and tell them what had caused the attack!! LOL

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OK just to clarify:

1) There really is a plainchant tribute to ABBA but I was NOT dancing to it (I wouldn't advise's oddly disturbing)

2) I have never actually ended up in hospital/OOH etc from dancing to ABBA (normal or plainchant), though I'm not saying it couldn't happen... What would the most embarrassing song/band/whatever be to admit to as the cause of an attack?

I should add that Laurs has an addiction to DamnYouAutocorrect which is a fairly dangerous site when lungs are unhappy.

I once had an interesting time in a basement with some brains and some formalin. I was just about ok then but couldn't handle it now (need to get sorted so I can do that again, it was fun).


Broken ribs from coughing...half an our after being discharged :-(


I had fish and chips at work yesterday, it was worse than NHS fish and chips, was soggy and stodgy and my lungs really didn't like it, I had 3 nebs and could not pull it round so had to go to a and e, when consultant asked the trigger and I told him he laughed then suggested I took my own lunch on Fridays in future !!

G x


a thai-bo class


hehe fish and chips, I love it! Maybe you just need to make sure you have good fish and chips next time 'for medical reasons'?

I had 'so you're allergic to the Underground then?' - after I confessed that my escalator racing habit *might* have contributed to why I was there.


Hahaha, my best is that I used to play oboe (Philomela you already know this hehe) and three times in the same week I had to call the paramedics out because I had been practising (at the time I was at music college). Every time they turned up they said 'wouldn't it be funny if she was playing a woodwind instrument?' at which point I had to tell them I was playing oboe, one of the most technically challenging (for breathing) instruments out there. That gave them quite a chuckle.

Then, also the fact that my music college was up in Manchester. And when the paramedics asked me what triggered my asthma and I said 'cold and wet weather' they looked at me rather incredulously and asked 'so why on earth did you move to Manchester?!' XD


I think I would be admitted after having space hopper races through the park with the kids! The thought of bouncing around on 'lungs' might make my actual lungs cross!


Hi I am new to this forum ,but can anybody out there throw some light on this strange Asthma attack .I n the past 3 months after having one Chinese meal at a restaurant and 2 Take -A -Ways I get a bad Asthma attack after eating ,I am told it may be the mono-solglutamates in the food triggering the attack but I am still not sure .Has any body else had the same problem ?


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