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Noob with a question please

Hi, I am looking for some advice, brief history, I am 52 ( tomorrow) I was diagnosed as asthmatic and with mild to moderate emphysema in 2009 after giving up a 35 year heavy smoking habit in January 2007, I blamed the cough and breathing problems on everything BUT the smoking... as only smokers do! I had a mild stroke in November 2007 too. I am on BRICANYL 500mcg Turbohaler and SYMBICORT 200/6 Turbohaler, along with Montelukast 10 mg tablets,I also take pred when I get a bad flare up of the asthma. I also suffer with migraine so am on Topirimate as a preventative and Sumatriptan if I get one. Anyway, back to the asthma issue, I still struggle with my breathing, especially when doing things around the house like changing the bedding, or walking upstairs and I still cough a lot, at my grandchildren's school carol service I could not sing along as I did not have the breath, and I cannot talk without having to pause to get breath - my husband does not complain! Last Tuesday my doctor started me on Uniphyllin, 200mg twice a day, I have to go back in 3 weeks time for a blood test, and the dosage may need tweaking. My question is about the side effects, I have had headaches and dizzyness almost all the time since I have been on them, no real stomach problems though, does anyone have any idea how long this will last roughly? On the plus side I have noticed I am not coughing so much already. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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I had headaches etc for a week or two after starting, but they soon disappeared. Home the side effects go soon. x


Ah thanks Lou, that is positive news!


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