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Asthma Symptoms/Stress and Work

Hi Everyone

I have been seeing GP and Consultatnts for Brittle / difficult to treat Asthma - but my lungs are still complaining. I have been on steroids since last Oct - was down to 10mgs so thought I was doing well but had to increase again this week to 12mgs. Chest complaining as feeling tight and wheezy from the top part - just past throat. I also get tingling in the fingers and hands. Although I do not seem to be over breathing. Can anything else cause the tingling. I know hyperventilating does!,

Anyway how can you tell if you are over doing things at work. It doesn't help that I work in a warehouse although mainly in the office doing admin. I am finding that stress is getting to me this week. One if my triggers is stress. I was considering cutting down the hours. I work a full week - five days 9am - 5pm with lunch break and t breaks. I am seeing GP on Mon and may get his advice too. I have been wheezy / breathless every day this week and although it is only a slight wheeze it is really getting me down as I do not seem to be able to get the control I have had in the past - this maybe due to the brittleness of the asthma at the moment. I was even crying with frustration the other day. I just want to get better!!!! Anyone else feel like this

The Consultant changed my inhaler I was on symbicort but am now on fostiar and ciclenicide and a nasal inhaler. I also take montiilucast and omeprazole.

Many thanks for reading



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