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Asthma flare up - sore from coughing

My asthma has been settle since last march but the last few weeks I've been back to coughing. Yesterday my whole body ached so I saw doctor and got antibiotics and a course of pred.

Today my whole chest area is so painful I think due to coughing so much

How can I relax the muscles or ease the pain?

Thanks I've ordered a big maternity u shaped pillow due tomorrow I saw it was also recommended for asthma sufferers for propping up and stopping rolling onto our backs during the night which prompts coughing

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Any advice appreciated


HI, offering my support as i'm in the same boat, still unsettled since last October with recurring chest and sinus infections and a dose of pneumonia.

I find at times a hot water bottle at the top part of my back helps a little bit. i'm just about to finish my 2nd lot of antibiotics this year and yesterday the Dr put me back on 8 a day pred. I usually take hayfever tablets march - end of september and the Dr suggested i try them in the winter too.... not quite sure if its the ceterzine or the pred BUT afer a couple of days i don't seem to be producing as much mucus so i have been coughing a bit less!

Thanks for the tip about the v shape pillow, im sick of waking up coughing after sliding from my pillows ... will get one and give it a try.

lisa x


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