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4 year old started school

Hello all

My 4 year old started full time school on the 7th of January but so far he's been home more often than at school. They've sent him home today because he's wheezing and coughing again, i just don't know what to do. He takes seretide 50 twice daily and I think it's working better than the brown inhaler he was on previously but I'm losing it. He's so poorly lately that he's not eating well and getting little rest because of the cough.

Did your children have problems when first starting school? Should I be asking at his asthma review for a stronger Seretide? Or for further investigation into his problems. Any advice really appreciated

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i would book him in at docs and enplane it all i got worse as i got into secondary school it could be anything so get it checked out better to be safe x


Ask to get him referred to a respiratory paediatrician as GPs and asthma nurses can only do so much, a consultant will look into it in much more detail and carry out any relevant investigations, leading to him being put on the right medication. From our experience the consultant always has time to listen and leaves no stone unturned, which has made us feel so much more in control of our son's asthma.

I hope this helps.

Good luck!



While we await the referral the GP has put him back on clenil modulite twice daily with the seretide. Ventolin stays as required. He's still catching everything under the sun and his chest has been effected by all the viral stuff he brings home but fingers cross.


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