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Another question from me- I seem to have lots at the moment!

I've noticed that for the past few weeks my breathing has been quite shallow at times. I've not experienced this before and I'm not sure if it's asthma related. Has anyone else ad a similar thing?

I thought I'd been lucky so far this winter since I've avoided my usual cough which is a sign or exacerbation, but now I'm wondering if this is another sign that I've never picked up on before. I usually become aware of my shallow breathing when I start to feel dizzy

What do you think? Something normal or worth a trip to the nurse. Unfortunately I don't have salbutamol with me at the moment to see if that helps- I'm home from uni until tomorrow and the inhaler I brought won't work, which is annoyong since it's brand new, even rinsing nd changing the case didn't help. Iv only just thought of it being asthma related so haven't tried it with an inhaler before.

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  • Do you mean shallow breathing because you can't breathe in/out properly, or just subconsciously breathing shallow? Trying ventolin, when you can, will be the best way to find out if it's asthma related, it's what I always do when I'm confused about symptoms lol.

    If your ventolin isn't working, get to a chemist as soon as you can and get a replacement, I'm sure given that you have one with you, they'd be able to replace it, it's very dangerous for you not to have a working inhaler with you at all times. Maybe next time consider leaving a spare at home for your visits, or keep another spare in your bag. Sorry for the rant!

  • Thanks for the reply, butterfly (lol that rhymed :p) and I don't mind a rant, I think I sometimes needed to be moaned at and reminded to not get complacent with it!

    It's kind of hard to explain, but I find that I'm not breathing in as much as normal, and I have to put extra effort in to breathe normally. Also, when I take deep breaths it kind of happening.s in stages (again hard to explain properly sorry!). It's very strange! I have to put in effort to breathe normally, so my subconscious breathing is shallow/ breathing in anormal way has to be q conscious decision.

    Arr, this hard to explain so sorry if that makes no sense! Basically, I'm not breathing normally!

    I know I should keep a spare at home really, I just thought I'd be safe since I've only come home for a few days abd I had a full one, I have ,her one at uni and I'll ask about the broken one when I go to the chemist on Monday. Unfortunately I live in a small town so all of the chemists will be shut tomorrow ( since apparently no one gets illon a Sunday!)

  • Ok it's definitely asthma! Walking back from the train station to uni I could barely breathe and have so far used my inhaler 8 times since about 1pm (given that usually I use it once/ twice a week it's a lot!) Pf is about 410 but doing it made me feel very dizzy..

  • Maybe ease off the pf reading if it's making you dizzy lol! I hope you managed to get your dodgy inhaler sorted out, and that your symptoms have calmed down a bit. Xxx

  • I can't offer you any advice unfortunately, but I do hope you start to feel better soon!

  • Hi,

    I think that would be worth a trip to the nurse, after using your inhaler that much? Hope you get better.

  • Hi,

    I think that would be worth a trip to the nurse, after using your inhaler that much? Hope you get better.

    I agree (: It is worth noting though that dizziness is generally seen as a sign of panic attacks rather than asthma attacks, see below for more information. A nurse or a doctor may put these breathing issues down to anxiety despite your history of asthma.

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