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Worst asthma attack yet

Sorry if this is more of a moan (: Had a rough day, started having breathing difficulties at about 10:30 this morning and ended up in hospital until around 7. I'm grateful not to have had to stay in of course, but it's been a long day- especially as I got home to find that my top choice of University has rejected my application (hrmph).

Strangely, I only tend to wheeze when I have bad attacks, the rest of the time I'm just short of breath and tight-chested

Took 5 nebulisers and some pred to get my breathing back to somewhat normal, in addition to 4 needles (stupid tiny veins) and a lot of time sitting in resus (:

Sorry, just wanted to have a bit of a whinge I guess!

Hope everyone is doing good (:


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Oh Ely I sympathise, I spent half of today in A+E too and also (thankfully) escaped admission. In my case I was lucky as far from my worst, and as it took 5 attempts to canulate me the dr then forgot to do abgs - yay! Its always hard isnt it? But youre home now, so try to rest and hopefully youll feel much better in the morning. With regards the uni offer, try to put it aside and think where else youd like to go. Any possibility of your grades being higher than estimates? You might get in through clearing.


I hope you feel better soon too Sparkly (: I still have three universities left to reply so fingers crossed, I'm sure I'll get in one way or another (:



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