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How to learn to accept Asthma

Two years ago ik heard that I have Asthma. I am a teacher in the Netherlands and working for 3 days a week, I hope you all understand me. I am doing my best here. LAst year I decided to go working 2 days and the next week 3 days. So I gave up some worktime.

Astma has effect on my live, because I am tired en I an having more asthamattacks.

I find it difficult to deal with my asthma and how it is effecting my life. Since October I am ill because of a great asthmaattack. I am woking 2 x 2 hours at the school. The tension of asthma and of I can work for 3 days a week is effecting my asthma. I feel the tension in my ribs when somebody asks me how are you doing?

How can I deal with asthma? I am searching for the answer. Because the tension is not good for me.

I hope you can help me


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Hi petra, sorry to hear your asthma is affecting your life so much, do you have regular reviews with your doctor? I'd suggest you speak to him/her to see if you can be given more or different medicine to improve your symptoms to hopefully allow you to live your life without so many asthma attacks. Unfortunately asthma can impact your life and you have to learn to listen to your body and know your good days from your bad, I've had asthma nearly 4 years and am still learning this!

I hope this helps, feel free to ask further questions, we'd be happy to help


Hi Petra. You're not having a very good time are you? But it really is early days and Butterfly is absolutely right that seeing your doctor to get a bit more control over your asthma will make a lot of difference to you.

The other thing to do is keep alert for things that trigger your asthma, both at home and when you're out and about. Eventually you will be able to work out what you can avoid and what you can't and make sure that if you konw that something is likely to act as a trigger you use your preventer before you get close to it. It won't happen overnight and there's always the possibility of new triggers cropping up but it's another way of gaining some control.

Good luck



Hiya Petra, sorry to hear you're having quite a rubbish time of it! I was diagnosed with asthma about a decade ago now when I was 8 years old, and even now I sometimes struggle to adjust when it flares up.

As Annista and Butterfly have already said, regular reviews with a doctor/nurse who knows you and how your condition affects you can be really helpful. Sometimes it can be a case of finding the right medications for you, and although it's a dull process it'll hopefully make a real difference to your life in the long run!

As for Annista's suggestion about avoiding triggers, I have an air purifier in my room to help get rid of dust and it has helped a lot- I used to have to sleep in another room but now I can stay in my own bed.

Hopefully you won't have to make big adjustments to your life to see a good outcome.

Feel better!



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