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consultant being difficult

I had some lung function tests in December which showed significant reversibility, small airway disease and hyperinflation, however when I saw my consultant 2 weeks ago I had to do another spirometery test which was normal, and even though I explained that I was still having symptoms she was reluctant to believe me due to this spiro being normal, even though the previous lung function tests were only 3 weeks before!!

And I always thought it was normal for test results to vary sometimes, and the lung function tests i originally had were very detailed, I had 4 different tests, where as the one in my consultants office was just one test. So I kinda wondering what was the point in having the detailed tests if she is going to base everything on the ones I perform in her office?!

However she did start me on phyllocontin due to evidence of small airway disease, is this just another name for asthma, by the way? which hopefully will help, just fed up of being made to feel like a fraud once again!


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