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Asthma Allergy Drug That Killed

Hi All

Newbie Sweep here.

I have been a long time asthma sufferer since 8 years of age, I am now 60 and for the past 40 years have not had an attack.

If anyone wants to ask a question, please do.

However I have a request for help!

Back in 1979 my brother aged 24 at the time, was encouraged by his GP to have an allergy test as there was a new drug available for controlling asthma.

He agreed, had the test and was told the new allergy drug was suitable for him. The drug was administered by injection over a given period of time, so several visits were required.

When he had his last injection, he returned home from his GP and within minutes went into a major asthma attack. Eventually he was rushed to West Middx Hospital where he died soon after.

My brother and my sister all suffered asthma with quite severe attacks from very young ages, 3 4 and 8 years. Asthma did not kill us.

The drug he was given was removed from use sometime after, reason causing deaths.

I do not know the name of the drug and I am hoping someone somewhere will know the name the manufacturer and the year it was launched and banned.

This is for my own research, so any help on this will be appreciated.

As I said earlier if anyone wants to talk please ask.



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I can't help with the name of the drug but wanted to say sorry about your brothers death, I do remember having this treatment as a child, I seem to recall keeping them in the fridge and taking them to the doctors to have the injection.

I hope someone come along with an answer for you.


Don't suppose this would spread any light on it?


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