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Finally getting back to normal life!

I've been off work since I got pneumonia and severe asthma exacerbation in November, 10 weeks off work and I'm finally going back tomorrow! I'm a nurse, and a 14 hour shift tomorrow is filling me with dread, but I'm happy to start living life a little before I'm sick again.

Does anyone else feel this way? That the good days won't last and you need to make the most of them before you get sick again? I keep thinking its a bad way to live but I've noticed that I make the most of life on my well days. Everyone else thinks I'm crazy that I'm always thinking about when will I next be sick, how long do I have to enjoy before I'm stuck at home sick, too tired to do anything, or sat in hospital. I know it's inevitable that I'll be sick again, but I do still hope I'll get more control over my asthma.

Until then the good days are for living, and I'm going to make the most of them! As for the bad days, I'm going to get help a whole lot faster and hopefully that'll help me have less of the sick days!

Hope everyone is well!

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Hi Jo, I'm also a nurse and had four months off after pneumonia and bad asthma. I'm shocked you're going back on a 14hr day...! When I went back to work, occupational health were involved and I had a slow phased return over a month, starting with two half days a week and gradually increasing up to full time. And I really struggled still. Please be careful, your body has had a lot to deal with. Can you refer yourself to occy health for support/advice?


I was referred way back in November to occy health, my appointment has finally come through for Tuesday, so they will see me the next day after my first 14 hr shift and see the effect it will have on me! It's all just down to poor timing with people being off who could arrange a proper return, but there's plenty of meetings and appointments for me this week which will hopefully get people on my side and phase return me after tomorrow. They've been really helpful so far so hopefully that will carry on! I work in critical care too so it's gonna be a tough day tomorrow, but there will be plenty of staff around to help too. First problem though is actually remembering how to do my job haha! :)


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